Saturday, 23 January 2016


I just thought I'd write this quick post, as I decided to get Snapchat. I really wanted a way to communicate with you guys. Without jumping right in the deep end head first, and its more chilled back than actually only blogging/uploading on set days and I find it quite formal, while Snapchat is more laid back, which is great. I thought Snapchat was a nice starter than going in with Twitter or Instagram straight away. I definitely want to get them sometime but not straight away. So I decided to get Snapchat and I'll post stuff on my story and snap you, of course, as I want to learn more about you. I just think Snapchat is perfect

I am 'mifantasy' on Snapchat. I'd love to chat to you, so if you want add me and we can talk, I'm really excited!
I'll see you Tuesday! Have a nice weekend.

Mi x

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