Friday, 15 April 2016

Day Out At The Zoo

I told you I'd be back on Friday and here I am ;) Recently, I was looking through pictures on my laptop and came across these pictures I took in the easter holidays when I went to the zoo and I thought I'd share them with you. I am not usually a zoo person at all I absolutely hate seeing animals in cages, you could argue that its the best for them but it's still like they could be running free but instead there locked up. Anyway, enough of my opinion, I went because my little sister really wanted to go and she really wanted me to come... It was hard to say no, as then you feel bad is you do, so I just thought what do I have to loose.?

My day went like this, my sister started getting really excited in the car which was really sweet and cute. Then we went inside and saw all the animals. I'm still amazed how hunters or just people want to kill animals, they are the most precious things, what did we do to deserve them?! I saw it all from giraffes to tigers to penguins. My favourite was definitely the orangutang, I just think they are so sweet. We got to feed the elephants which were so cool, sadly we missed feeding the giraffes. Anyway, I shall let you enjoy some of the pictures I took.

virtual hug
Mi x

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Update..... Im Back!!

Its been a long time I really miss this now. I am officially back. I'm so sorry I haven't been posting i just decided I should have a break but now I feel really bad as I didn't even tell you! Which I totally should of, I'm really sorry. Plus, I've been really trying to catch up with school and I finally am! So I'm back for good and forever! I think I've learnt how to balance both, I just wanted to say sorry and look forward to a new post on Friday!! Wooooo. I will never leave again without telling you or just not leave at all. See you soon
Ooo, and how was everyones holiday? And just tell me how you are!

Virtual hug :)
Mi x