Monday, 11 January 2016

10 Facts About Me

I was thinking last night as I was trying to drift off to sleep, that you out there- You don't know me that well or not at all really, and I haven't even introduced myself which is very rude, I'm very sorry. I guess I just expected you to know, now thinking about it I don't know why I thought that at all! I am strange sometimes... Anyway, I thought what's a better way for you to get to know me better, than doing the 10 facts about me?! I know its normally more facts, something like 20 or even 50?! However I don't think I know that many things about me, I struggled with 10, I'm not even going to think about 50?! I'm sorry, thats just out of the question, I had a hard day at school, I don't think I can even think of 20. Maybe I'll do a part 2 sometime ;)

So here it is 10 facts about me...
1. My nickname is Mi , thats why I'm MidnightMi
2.  I love languages ALOT, basically I'm that language nerd in school, I'm perfectly fine with that though. No matter what people say, do what you love. I do French at school and I am learning Spanish at home on my own, If you know any other language apart from English, comment something in it and I'll see if I can recognise or even translate, although I'll probably end up going to google translate ngl :)
3. I was very tall compared to everyone else, however sadly everyone keeps over taking me... which is always fun... not
4. I am very hard working, I mean if you ask any of my friend they will say I don't mess about at school, I am also definitely not one of the cool ones don't worry, trust me I'm far off.
5. I love Music, and I love singing along and dancing in my own little world, I especially love at the moment Justin Beibers new album Purpose, its my life right now.
6. My favourite place is Paris, I've never actually been there however I've always loved cities and France so its perfect and I've seen loads of pictures and its perfect. I am obsessed with Paris, I just love it. Also my dad got a scholar ship and went to University in Paris!
7. I want to go to Uni, I know I'm far off Uni like really far, however its always something I've wanted to do and I know some people want to go and some people don't, personally I always have.
8.  I have thick black curly hair, its so annoying for the people who say they want thick hair, trust me you don't. Mines extra thick and I genuinely dislike it with a passion. Also curly hair is not fun either, I mean I don't think I'd mind it if it was thinner, however mines just off the scale.
9. I live in the UK and I'd love to go travelling as I love going new places
10. I love PLL (pretty little liars) I can't wait for the 12th January. Ahh its so exciting.

I hope you enjoyed this post, I thought I'd just do this post as something extra.
I'll still see you Tuesday (tomorrow) 8:30pm British Time
Tell me something about you :)

Mi x


  1. Great post! can't wait for your next post I am literally in love with your blog HAHA, thanks for sharing. Do you want to support each others blog by following each other? Please let me know so I can follow you right back:)


    1. Aww thank you so much! You've made my day. Yes of course, I followed and I love your blog too! :)

      Mi x

  2. Lovely post!!

    1. Aww thank you! I love your blog :)

      Mi x

  3. I stumbled upon your blog (I think from a comment you left elsewhere) and I'm so glad I did. Lovely to e-Meet you & I love that your nickname is Mi. Cute! xx

  4. Lovely post I also love Paris and languages. :)