Friday, 15 April 2016

Day Out At The Zoo

I told you I'd be back on Friday and here I am ;) Recently, I was looking through pictures on my laptop and came across these pictures I took in the easter holidays when I went to the zoo and I thought I'd share them with you. I am not usually a zoo person at all I absolutely hate seeing animals in cages, you could argue that its the best for them but it's still like they could be running free but instead there locked up. Anyway, enough of my opinion, I went because my little sister really wanted to go and she really wanted me to come... It was hard to say no, as then you feel bad is you do, so I just thought what do I have to loose.?

My day went like this, my sister started getting really excited in the car which was really sweet and cute. Then we went inside and saw all the animals. I'm still amazed how hunters or just people want to kill animals, they are the most precious things, what did we do to deserve them?! I saw it all from giraffes to tigers to penguins. My favourite was definitely the orangutang, I just think they are so sweet. We got to feed the elephants which were so cool, sadly we missed feeding the giraffes. Anyway, I shall let you enjoy some of the pictures I took.

virtual hug
Mi x

Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Update..... Im Back!!

Its been a long time I really miss this now. I am officially back. I'm so sorry I haven't been posting i just decided I should have a break but now I feel really bad as I didn't even tell you! Which I totally should of, I'm really sorry. Plus, I've been really trying to catch up with school and I finally am! So I'm back for good and forever! I think I've learnt how to balance both, I just wanted to say sorry and look forward to a new post on Friday!! Wooooo. I will never leave again without telling you or just not leave at all. See you soon
Ooo, and how was everyones holiday? And just tell me how you are!

Virtual hug :)
Mi x

Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Revision Guide

So I thought of this, as the reason I haven't been very active, which I'm very sorry about, is because of school, tests and revising. Therefore I thought as I've been doing loads of revision, and found some really good apps and websites I thought I'de share them with you! Everyone has to revise and if you have a good site and app it just makes it more enjoyable, I thought I'd just give you a heads up and hopefully this will help you with school....

Books: Personally, I really adore the fact of working from a textbook, however sometimes I don't understand it very well but when I do I love it and i really try. I find its a lot better than working from a screen. I love the AQA GCSE ones you always see in WHSmith I find they are the best and cover everything you need, also include practise questions.

Websites: I find going online the most helpful though to be honest, its just easier when everything is explained to you, however at times it is a bit confusing as theres like a thousand different websites for one thing, and some are never good websites, so at time you do get a bit overwhelmed.

I found the website Memrise, this is great especially for languages, if your learning one it helps with your listening, speaking, translating and writing. It also has other things too but people mostly use it for languages. Its a really helpful website, its also an app too.
Also GetRevising I love as you can get past papers which is so important, because as people say 'Practise makes perfect' and you should improve until your at the best of your ability.
This isn't a website to revise from but I always think being organised is really important, and this website does really cute printable calendars and organisers, i find they really make you want to work so you can fill it out. I found this really helpful, I've been printing them out loads, they also look so tumblr! ;)

Quizlet is an app, which you can make your own flashcards, also browse other peoples thats they have made which I find is really helpful, as flashcards definitely help me remember stuff.
Khan Academy is an app which covers everything and also explains in videos and it has practise questions, this app has basically been savour to me.
Finally- Fit Brain, this isn't a revising app but I always find its really good to excersise your brain when you aren't revising so it keeps your brain working.

Other: I also love watching videos to motivate me and I found this amazing youtube channel which is Study With Jess, she's helped me so much and you should definitely go check her channel out its really helpful.
Also a tip its better to work with classical music with no voices as its not as distracting and you can really concentrate. Also don't forget to get comfy and always try to revise as soon as you get back from school, as your still in the school mood.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope it helped in any way. Leave me comment of your favourite app/website you use to revise from, I'd really appreciate it :) I will see you on Thursday, I'm thinking of having another upload day like Saturday...?? Tell me what you think, so it would be Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays? I don't know let me know what you think. Remember don't get to stressed about school. Everything will be fine. See you soon

virtual hug :)
Mi x

Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Mini Haul

Today I went into town, I didn't buy much however I did buy somethings, but I didn't want to spend much, as I'm trying to save up. Therefore I'm trying to be good and not buy anything/much. Although I did let some slip but you have to treat yourself once a while, so I treated myself as I haven't bought anything for months, so I am pretty proud. Anyway, so I popped into town with my friend and bought a few things I needed. I thought I'd share them with you...

2 BarryM Nail Polishes- Black and White
First I got 2 nail polishes, these are just basic colours as I always think white and black look so good on everyone else and I felt like I was missing out, and I had wanted them for a long time and I want to try with my nails more and paint them. I do think you need at least 2 coats with white especially or its a bit faint and streaky. Also a tip; Put your nails under cold water, they dry quicker. And at the moment its if you buy one get half price at Superdrug.

Soap & Glory Body Spray
I got a new body spray as I had run out of my old one and I was in real need of a new one. This is the classic scent of Soap&Glory, so I thought its not anything too strong. Personally, I am very disappointed with this product. Normally Soap & Glory products are really good, however I would not recommend the spray. I find the spray smells really chemically at first especially and doesn't smell like the normal scent it says it should be. I hate to say bad things, but its true,  and i do feel bad but overall I was very disappointed!

Random Stuff
I finally picked up a few random things I needed like the classical things for school. I picked up a a3 pad of paper as I really needed a3, because I couldn't keep on sticking two a4 pieces together all my life, so I thought why not, I'm here, also as I have been needing to make posters recently and you can't really make them on a4, I just needed it. I barely ever go into town and I needed it so yeah... I picked up some 'white blue tac' which is so I can stick posters on my wall and it won't make a mark on the wall as the blue ones leave a blue mark, therefore the white ones i think leave a white mark, sort of, but my walls are white so it won't matter, I can't wait to put some posters up, I might even do a post on it. ;) Finally I got a pencil case as I didn't have one and I've really been trying to be organised and I thought a pencil case would motivate me. Plus, I just wanted a plain one so you can see what you have and I just prefer them really! :)

I hope you enjoyed this post. I'm really so so so sorry that I haven't been uploading too frequently but school has just got crazy. I really enjoy blogging however school is a priority but I am trying. Thank you for sticking around I really appreciate it. I may even have a little extra post coming up soon, so stay tuned! I'll see you soon!

virtual hug :)
Mi x

Friday, 26 February 2016

My New Favourite Dress

Recently I went into London to see the play Thriller, which was really good by the way. It finished earlier than we thought, as we booked the table for a bit later, we had some time to kill. So we went walking around and we went into Zara Kids to look for some clothes for my little sister. When we were in there this particular beautiful dress caught my eye and I thought at first, ohh I wish I was like 8 against I could fit into that Zara Kids dress. However I looked again and this dress looked bigger than the other clothes and I walked over, saw it was 13years and I thought 'I think I might actually be able to fit into this' and it was on sale, what more could you want?! Therefore, I tried it on and it fitted me almost perfectly! I was over the moon, its my new favourite dress and I thought I'de share it with you, as its so pretty... Sadly its not on the website, however it may still be in the shops. Its a swing dress and has a really cute pattern, full of colours- blues and reds. I love it. Its really flattering and flows so well.
Heres the dress...

This dress is sort of similar but not really the same at all, but I tried it was the closest:
I hope you enjoyed this post.
I shall see you on Thursday at 8:30pm British Time.
Virtual Hug

Mi x

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Winter to Spring

I'm sure we all created some beautiful memories in Winter but its time... Spring is on its way and winter is slowly going, although the other day it did start snowing?! For some reason, I always think Spring is a odd season, as no one really gets very excited for Spring, which is really sad. Its true though, if I were to forget any season it would probably be spring :( However I thought I would't write this post to make me more excited for spring as there are actually a lot of brilliant things in Spring. Also I find spring is a happy season, I don't know why but it always pops in my mind when I think of spring!

Reasons I love Spring:
Flowers start to bloom- I always feel like flowers make you happy and the famous daffodils bloom
Trees start to get their leaves back- Which I find always makes the world more lively 
Colour starts to appear again- Colour always makes me smile and it makes life bright
Easter and chocolate ;)- Of course the chocolate eggs are a classic and very yummy
More light in day- I feel more productive when its lighter and I can do more things in a day
The temperature starts to rise- Which means you don't have to wrap up so much
Strawberry picking- This is a classic and you always eat as much strawberries as you can
Spring Cleaning- This is a chance for a fresh start, to clear out and start all fresh

They are only a few. Dn't be afraid to comment more down below. I love reading all the comments.
I hope you enjoyed and I shall see you soon!

Virtual Hug :)

Mi x

Sunday, 14 February 2016

Happy Valentines Day

Hello Happy Valentines Day!
Today is the day... Its Valentine Day. I hope you are all having a lovely day with love ones or just on your own, whatever, just a nice day genuinely. Personally, I don't mean to be a downer but I, me personally, I'm not a massive fan of Valentines day, I just find it too over commercialised, but I know some people who love it so I just wanted to wish you a nice day. Don't forget to treat yourself aswell. Just remember if you don't have anyone, its all fine because your way too special, I don't have anyone either don't worry and don't rush. If you do have some one lucky you, treasure this day! Still don't forget to tell them you love them, and not just on Valentine day.

I shall see you soon
Visual Hugs :)
Mi x