Wednesday, 2 March 2016

Mini Haul

Today I went into town, I didn't buy much however I did buy somethings, but I didn't want to spend much, as I'm trying to save up. Therefore I'm trying to be good and not buy anything/much. Although I did let some slip but you have to treat yourself once a while, so I treated myself as I haven't bought anything for months, so I am pretty proud. Anyway, so I popped into town with my friend and bought a few things I needed. I thought I'd share them with you...

2 BarryM Nail Polishes- Black and White
First I got 2 nail polishes, these are just basic colours as I always think white and black look so good on everyone else and I felt like I was missing out, and I had wanted them for a long time and I want to try with my nails more and paint them. I do think you need at least 2 coats with white especially or its a bit faint and streaky. Also a tip; Put your nails under cold water, they dry quicker. And at the moment its if you buy one get half price at Superdrug.

Soap & Glory Body Spray
I got a new body spray as I had run out of my old one and I was in real need of a new one. This is the classic scent of Soap&Glory, so I thought its not anything too strong. Personally, I am very disappointed with this product. Normally Soap & Glory products are really good, however I would not recommend the spray. I find the spray smells really chemically at first especially and doesn't smell like the normal scent it says it should be. I hate to say bad things, but its true,  and i do feel bad but overall I was very disappointed!

Random Stuff
I finally picked up a few random things I needed like the classical things for school. I picked up a a3 pad of paper as I really needed a3, because I couldn't keep on sticking two a4 pieces together all my life, so I thought why not, I'm here, also as I have been needing to make posters recently and you can't really make them on a4, I just needed it. I barely ever go into town and I needed it so yeah... I picked up some 'white blue tac' which is so I can stick posters on my wall and it won't make a mark on the wall as the blue ones leave a blue mark, therefore the white ones i think leave a white mark, sort of, but my walls are white so it won't matter, I can't wait to put some posters up, I might even do a post on it. ;) Finally I got a pencil case as I didn't have one and I've really been trying to be organised and I thought a pencil case would motivate me. Plus, I just wanted a plain one so you can see what you have and I just prefer them really! :)

I hope you enjoyed this post. I'm really so so so sorry that I haven't been uploading too frequently but school has just got crazy. I really enjoy blogging however school is a priority but I am trying. Thank you for sticking around I really appreciate it. I may even have a little extra post coming up soon, so stay tuned! I'll see you soon!

virtual hug :)
Mi x

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