Sunday, 27 December 2015


Hi... Hello... Hey...

Its Mi! I have decided after um-ing and ah-ing about making this blog.  I just thought lets go for it... What do I have to loose? As, personally, I do find putting yourself online a scary concept, especially when you think about it in detail. It's like your whole (nearly whole) life online, for anyone and everyone to see. However sometimes you do have to take a leap out of your comfort zone sometimes. What I like to think is that- if you don't then take the opportunity you'll regret it, which probably is true! Like if you get the chance to sky-drive, it's very scary to think about it but if you turn down the offer, you'll regret it and you've missed your opportunity to do something exciting and different, which people will be like "WOW!"...
 This is me with blogging like I said the online world has lots of cons (bad things) but also has lots of pros (good things), which I'm now focusing on! To be honest, I have excitement bubbling within' me but also fear, because it can be quite scary. 
So I thought for my first post I'd do...

Good things about the online world
• You can meet loads of new people
• Speak to different people
• Share your creativity and work
• Learn different things
• Get inspiration and motivation

The list could go on... I just have ideas flowing into my head but I don't want to bore you. I just think, talking positively is really important because if you search up about being online it will probably come up with like 75% negative reasons. I find that with everything like the news, the news only (mostly) highlight bad things in the world, but I think what bout all the good things going on in the world...?
On here, I believe we should all spread postivitly amongst each other. Make each other feel happy and loved and that your not alone.

So lets finish off on a positive note, be happy, remember to smile, you are beautiful :)
There shall be a new post very soon, so look out for that. I'll see you then!

Goodbye for now ;)
Mi x


  1. I think that blogging can be sooo rewarding, like everything that you have mentioned in your list! Welcome to the blogging world!

    The Velvet Black | UK Style & Beauty Blog

  2. I love Girl Online !I started my blog this year on Christmas Dayxx

    1. Same! I've read it looaaddssss of times, I love it! Aww cool, I'll definitely check it out!
      Mi x