Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Revision Guide

So I thought of this, as the reason I haven't been very active, which I'm very sorry about, is because of school, tests and revising. Therefore I thought as I've been doing loads of revision, and found some really good apps and websites I thought I'de share them with you! Everyone has to revise and if you have a good site and app it just makes it more enjoyable, I thought I'd just give you a heads up and hopefully this will help you with school....

Books: Personally, I really adore the fact of working from a textbook, however sometimes I don't understand it very well but when I do I love it and i really try. I find its a lot better than working from a screen. I love the AQA GCSE ones you always see in WHSmith I find they are the best and cover everything you need, also include practise questions.

Websites: I find going online the most helpful though to be honest, its just easier when everything is explained to you, however at times it is a bit confusing as theres like a thousand different websites for one thing, and some are never good websites, so at time you do get a bit overwhelmed.

I found the website Memrise, this is great especially for languages, if your learning one it helps with your listening, speaking, translating and writing. It also has other things too but people mostly use it for languages. Its a really helpful website, its also an app too.
Also GetRevising I love as you can get past papers which is so important, because as people say 'Practise makes perfect' and you should improve until your at the best of your ability.
This isn't a website to revise from but I always think being organised is really important, and this website does really cute printable calendars and organisers, i find they really make you want to work so you can fill it out. I found this really helpful, I've been printing them out loads, they also look so tumblr! ;)

Quizlet is an app, which you can make your own flashcards, also browse other peoples thats they have made which I find is really helpful, as flashcards definitely help me remember stuff.
Khan Academy is an app which covers everything and also explains in videos and it has practise questions, this app has basically been savour to me.
Finally- Fit Brain, this isn't a revising app but I always find its really good to excersise your brain when you aren't revising so it keeps your brain working.

Other: I also love watching videos to motivate me and I found this amazing youtube channel which is Study With Jess, she's helped me so much and you should definitely go check her channel out its really helpful.
Also a tip its better to work with classical music with no voices as its not as distracting and you can really concentrate. Also don't forget to get comfy and always try to revise as soon as you get back from school, as your still in the school mood.

I hope you enjoyed this post, and I hope it helped in any way. Leave me comment of your favourite app/website you use to revise from, I'd really appreciate it :) I will see you on Thursday, I'm thinking of having another upload day like Saturday...?? Tell me what you think, so it would be Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays? I don't know let me know what you think. Remember don't get to stressed about school. Everything will be fine. See you soon

virtual hug :)
Mi x


  1. This was a great post. I have heard of memrise and the quillet app before, which I will be giving a try and also Im going to check out studywithjess.


  2. haha I'm using memrise right now for my french!