Thursday, 31 December 2015

2016 Is Coming...

Can you believe 2015 is basically over?! I can remember when I kept on writing 2014 in my school books accidentally and now.... I'm basically speechless. Now I'm going to be accidentally writing 2015! I swear if you blink you miss a whole year, before you know it I bet 2017 will be rolling on. But a new year makes means a new start, a fresh page in life...
Now everybody knows when its a new year you make new year resolutions... which never actually happen. But you still end up making them.
I was thinking in 2016 we should to be more positive and there's no point making unrealistic resolutions, which aren't going to make you feel better if you don't complete , which will probably happen (sadly).
The story alway is- it goes on track for the first few weeks or so, then it just goes down hill.
So to stop that happening, why don't you set more realistic resolutions which you can complete, then feel good about yourself?! You can plan it out, then incorporate it into your morning/night/day routine so then it becomes a habit and you know what your doing and can fit it in, if you do it for about 5 weeks (I think) constantly everyday it becomes a habit, which basically means its impossible to stop doing it, therefore it equals a happy positive you!
So I thought I'd share with you my new years resolutions with some tips and tricks inside and hope to help you get some inspiration and help you create yours or just to entertain you for a few minutes :)

1. Do more exercise- Concentrating on one body part at a time
This is a classical I find, but if you set yourself a perticular body part to concentrate on first, maybe the one which your most insecure about, then you'll see the difference quicker if your concentrating on a body part. Then work down the list of parts you want to target more, instead of just doing whole body workouts which you never see the difference. Also plan out when and how, so then your all organised and know when and you won't put it off as it'll be in your schedule.

2. Keep some sort of memories in some sort of way
I would say keep a diary, but everyone knows that never happens, if your a person who can keep a diary, I envy you ;) I really wish I could! But there are many other ways to keep a diary. If your a writing person of course a diary (the classical) or even start a blog and document your day to day life like Penny from Girl Online. Which is fun and we can be friends- Two new bloggers. Also if your into art you could start a scrapbook or a mood board from your day- cut out pictures, write a description. That would look so cool! If your into filming why not vlog?! Vlogging creates so many memories and its brilliant especially if your visual person! You don't have to put them onto youtube, you could just keep them just for your eyes only. Personally, I am going to attempt of scrapbook, which should be fun! They are all good ideas you just have to find the one which suits you the best, and they are all so rewarding to look back on at the end of the year!

3. Eat more healthier
This is also a classic, but it never lasts! For this one especially it always takes planning as its so easy to procrastinate and just eat junk food. You need to think how you want to be healthier if it involves eating less chocolate or eating more vegetables..? If you are trying to cut out something from your diet like chocolate you have to find a healthier option to replace it which you love just as much, so if you want chocolate you would eat the other thing instead. It may take some time to fully take it out of our diet, because you may need to slowly take it away from your diet as its harder if you just take it away all at once, the chances are you won't last long! Unless of course you have very good self control, which again I'm very jealous of you ;)

4. Be motivated
Being motivated I find depends on the person because some people get motivated in different ways. Personally, quotes I always find are motivating, or what you could do which is sort of a DIY is get a pinboard then pin loads of quotes and inspirational pictures which will get you motivated to hit your goal. Or you could get a jar a paper and write down or print off motivating quotes/pictures and each time you need some motivation, just pick it out of the jar and BAM you feel motivated. You could use it for all different things like fitness- you could even put different excerise in then each day pick a few out, and that would make it exciting as you'd never know what you'd do that day. You can just spice up your day!

5. Try something new and test yourself
I know how easy it is to just go round in our daily lives, all the same as its sort of a routine which you don't want to break as because everything fits perfectly and everything, I know what its like. However this year i think we should break our habits and try something new and step out of your comfort zone. Like maybe a new club, start a new activity or a course or a new hobby, it could be anything. And maybe you will find a hidden talent ;)

6. Do something for someone else
These days I feel like people get too caught up in their own lives and we forget how lucky we are. I feel like sometimes we need to take a step back and just look at how lucky we are and help somebody else achieve their dream or just help them out. Whether thats helping out in a charity or even just donating £1 can make a huge difference to somebody life, who may not be as fortunate as you or me. I think- what would people who are ,unlucky and born in a poor family in Africa or somewhere, doing right now? Just take a minute to think what they are doing now and put yourself in their shoes.... Not very nice... We can easily make a difference and it doesn't even take that long just a few minutes could save someones life. Just think how would you feel..?

I hope you have a good 2016 and that your prepared and are positive. 2016 we can all smash it!
Hope you enjoyed my post. I think I'll be posting Tuesdays and Fridays :) So keep tuned.
I'll see you then!

Mi x

Sunday, 27 December 2015


Hi... Hello... Hey...

Its Mi! I have decided after um-ing and ah-ing about making this blog.  I just thought lets go for it... What do I have to loose? As, personally, I do find putting yourself online a scary concept, especially when you think about it in detail. It's like your whole (nearly whole) life online, for anyone and everyone to see. However sometimes you do have to take a leap out of your comfort zone sometimes. What I like to think is that- if you don't then take the opportunity you'll regret it, which probably is true! Like if you get the chance to sky-drive, it's very scary to think about it but if you turn down the offer, you'll regret it and you've missed your opportunity to do something exciting and different, which people will be like "WOW!"...
 This is me with blogging like I said the online world has lots of cons (bad things) but also has lots of pros (good things), which I'm now focusing on! To be honest, I have excitement bubbling within' me but also fear, because it can be quite scary. 
So I thought for my first post I'd do...

Good things about the online world
• You can meet loads of new people
• Speak to different people
• Share your creativity and work
• Learn different things
• Get inspiration and motivation

The list could go on... I just have ideas flowing into my head but I don't want to bore you. I just think, talking positively is really important because if you search up about being online it will probably come up with like 75% negative reasons. I find that with everything like the news, the news only (mostly) highlight bad things in the world, but I think what bout all the good things going on in the world...?
On here, I believe we should all spread postivitly amongst each other. Make each other feel happy and loved and that your not alone.

So lets finish off on a positive note, be happy, remember to smile, you are beautiful :)
There shall be a new post very soon, so look out for that. I'll see you then!

Goodbye for now ;)
Mi x