Thursday, 21 January 2016

5 Tips For Revising

So,I'm not sure about you but I excel at some subjects but NOT at others at all! Thats when the thought popped into my head... I'm just the person to give advise.. jks... I'm not at all. However I am going to give it a good dam try! :) I'm still in school, I get it, I know how hard it is, so I thought I'd help you be more successful with revising. To be honest, I think I should take some of my tips on board too. First of all, I am no expert trust me... But I like collecting different tips, so I thought I'd  just share them with you and they may not be any help to you or they might?! I don't know.
I get easily distracted, so this one for my is perfect, I always find my mind wandering off, especially my hands seem to often reach to my phone... 
1) Turn off devices
I am really bad at managing time, for me I created a schedule and made it all pretty and put it up on my wall and then I know when I have to do it, as I'm basically a time freak and like everything to be on time, so if I plan something and don't do it, I just get really.. you know ;)
2) Set a set time when you are going to revise
Remember, this is your chance in life. Also your social media is here forever, your grades are important they will stick with you forever. I can never do work if I don't feel like working...
3) Get motivated
I personally love quotes, they really inspire me.
If I'm not aiming towards anything I think "Whats the point?!"
4) Set yourself a goal
Once you reach your goal you feel really happy and good about yourself and its a challenge which is fun and it makes you work for it.
If I'm not comfy, I seem to be uncomfortable and fijit a lot and can't concentrate.. So do what you want to make yourself comfy, then hopefully you should be more ready to work.
5) Find a comfy spot
5 Revision Tips DONE! Also I just thought I'd add one more: For me buy some new stationary and books, that really makes you want to work, as you want to use them, which makes you WANT to work!
Final one I promise ;) Make sure you're organised.. I'm the least organised person EVER, I'm always late but I try not to be, as when your organised you have a clearer mind.

I Hope these helped, or I just entertained you for a few minutes or just thank you for being here!
Tell me if you want another post on school/revising/tips//////... BTW Feel free to rant about your bad subjects I'm sure we can join in and agree ;D I am currently about to leave for parents evening wish me luck.
I'll see you on Tuesday 8:30pm british time. See you soon! Hang on, can I just say thank you, I've really been enjoying blogging and I love reading through the comments. I love you! 
Happy Revising!

Mi x
Smile, You are beautiful <3

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  1. I honestly didn't know what revising was, until Lily Pebbles explained this is the same as finals here in the states. I remember those days! So glad they are behind me to say the least, but these are lovely tips! xx