Tuesday, 19 January 2016

A Walk In The Park

Today is quite a casual post, but I think you might enjoy it... I went for a stroll around the park and I decided to take some photos, as I thought this might be a nice post to write...
When I was walking around, I started thinking, just thinking... I always find the park to be a nice place, where your not caught up in the circle of stress and life, its almost like an escape route, which I think everyone need so often. The park its calm. If you want you can just sit, breathe in and out slowly and feel the fresh air go in and out your lungs taking deep breaths, watching the ducks or the lake or even time walk on by, just relaxing. Theres no cars whizzing round creating multiple noises, which really are distracting and there is no way to become calm. For me its a place where you can just go if you feel a bit anxious although, you/I may not suffer with anxiety you can still feel anxious sometimes. You can sit there watching people play, hearing people laugh with smiles on their face. To be honest, sometimes the odd tear ngl! Mostly happy people running around playing with their friends, for me it releases any angry feelings or whatever and just goes, when you look at other people filing, it melts my heart! 
Which leads me onto my next point, on this particular day I was having a bad day, lets say. It got my thinking though looking at everyone else... You may looking at someone and you wouldn't know if they were hurting. I heard that somewhere on the online world. Its true! It got me thinking, you don't know whats happened in the person who is sitting next to you or just walked past. This just shows how you should treat everyone with kindness as you don't know whats gone on in there life, they may be hurting and you wouldn't know. Always be nice and treat people how you would want to be treated! I know any of you here wouldn't be mean as you all seem so nice. It did just get me thinking.

I hope you enjoyed this post, it was something different, did you like it?? I will see you Thursday 8:30pm British time. Also what do you think about me creating an Instagram page? 
See you soon

Mi x

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  1. Walks in the park are the best, but it must be so cold walking around now with winter in full force! xx adaatude.com