Tuesday, 5 January 2016

Lush Soaps Review | Rock Star & Fresh Farmacy

Hello, Its me... You gotta love Adele ;)
I have always loved Lush, but I do kinda struggle a bit, as I have very VEry VERY sensitive skin, and it's always so annoying! My friend got me a bath bomb from Lush for my birthday and it was fine at first, I then came back from going out somewhere. I walked into my room and a massive scent of bath bomb hit me, I just ignored it then 1minute later I started getting a massive rash right up my neck! Just from being in the same room as it!! I was so disappointed as I really wanted to try that bath bomb but I couldn't, I just thought "great, another thing I can't have. "
Anyway story time over, So yeah, somethings my skin doesn't mine but then others it basically blows up. Which means in Lush I've always had to be careful and somethings I absolutely adore, then of course somethings not as much. However I get through it and its worth the chance.
After hearing Zoe (Zoella) talk about Lush soaps, I was eager to try them for myself. I had forgotten about them for sometime until I walked into Lush recently and saw the soaps and thought
"I must try one!" So thats exactly what I did...
I don't really know what I think of them, I definitely have mixed feelings. I went in and smelt them all (of course) and the 'Rock Star' immediately caught my nose, although I was thinking which is better a more cooler/better one visually wise or one that smelt better, I decided on scent, because I guess whats the point of getting it if you don't like the scent?? Therefore, I decided on the Rock Star and I was also looking for a block facial soap aswell, so I thought what better place and time, so I picked up the 'Fresh Pharmacy' which is a facial soap and I use it mostly everyday, to wash and clean my face. At first I was a bit resistant as I didn't know how much skin would react, luckily it was fine!
They're the two soaps I picked up, now I this is what I think of them. On to the review...

Rock Star
The Rock Star Soap contains Vanilla and rapeseed and coconut oil. It smells very sweet but not an overpowering sweetness, which I definitely a plus. If you don't like sweet smelling things its definitely not for you. Its pink, bright pink, and has stars, however sadly in mine there weren't any stars :( It lasts a long time, the scent fills up the whole room and has a nice texture, it lathers on well to your hand/skin, however I wouldn't recommend it to use on your body. That was the good bit, however I did find it drying because as I put it on my hand it did dry out my hand and gave the squeaky clean feeling. I suppose you can't have to all though! The scent lasts for such a long time. I can still smell the scent like 5 long minutes after I've washed my hands, which is amazing. I've never had a soap that the scent lasts for that before. Also its very cheap and affordable. So I'd say over all its good, I wouldn't call it amazing as I don't really like it drying. Thats always something I've hated, or that could just my little things that annoy me holding me back, because some people like the squeaky clean feeling, but its not my cup of tea. But thats what I found.

Fresh Farmacy
The Fresh Farmacy, I wouldn't say it cleanses my face, I'd say it cleans it, but I wouldn't say it does anything else. I know it has camomile in, which is suppose to sooth the skin, but for me it just doesn't do that sadly. Like the Rock Star soap it creates the squeaky clean feeling (not my favourite feeling). I would not recommend it to people who have dry skin and maybe not to people who have normal, as it is drying. It doesn't have much scent to it and looks really natural, as its not the clean soap which look like its been through a million processors.  Also I wouldn't say it will clear your skin from acne and blemishes. I think its the perfect thing just to clean, as its basically a normal bar of soap but for your face and normal soap only cleans too. So its great just to get all dirt off and bacteria. Overall, it
depends what you want it for, if you consider it good, amazing or bad. Personally I'd say okay.

I hope you enjoyed this post. I
thought I'd do something different and spice it up.
Now I'm truly sorry that I didn't post yesterday like I was suppose to, but to make up I am posting tomorrow and the day after that, at 8:30pm British Time. I'm really sorry but stuff went on and... yeah.. I'm really sorry!
Anyway, tell me any Lush Products you recommend, I'd love to try them out :)
See you tomorrow

Mi x

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  1. I love Lush so much and of course this post was a dream to read ♥