Saturday, 13 February 2016

A Sick Day Routine

So everybody has those days when the are really ill and have to stay at home, and you expect it to be all fun when actually its the opposite, well for me, I actually want to go to school. Being ill such a horrible thing, when your fine you want to stay at home, however when your actually ill and stay at home you want to go to school. Its confusing, I know. Well anyway, today I am ill, so I decided its a perfect opportunity to write blog posts, and tell you what I do on my 'Sick Day Routine'
I normally sleep for a lot of the time as I'm usually really tired and ill, so all you want to do is sleep, but thats quite boring. Also I always have a shower once I get up as I always find if you clean yourself you always feel better as you feel a lot better about yourself. An essential is you must get comfy: get a hot water bottle, a hot chocolate, just give yourself a treat as your ill. This is your day to relax; get your laptop out and do whatever you want, maybe have a youtube marathon, watch a movie... Whatever you want.
My essentials are always some warm nice socks, hot chocolate of course, warm comfy clothes; jogging bottoms and a comfy jumper and top, movie and some facial wipes along with your favourite fragrance, as that always makes you feel better and more normal. Personally, for me I hate missing out so I have to know whats going on at school and look at it at home as I hate being behind, I know thats strange but its me! That is what I do and some essentials, I hope you aren't sick especially over the holiday.

See you soon, I may be posting more as its the half term. Shhhh. So don't forget to stop by.

Virtual hug :)
Mi x

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